Emery is out-performing Pochettino and Klopp in their first seasons

From Rhys Jaggar:

There is  ridiculous claptrap being bandied around about ‘Emery Out’.

Clearly by Kroenke worshippers who want the manager to shoulder the blame for ownership failings.

As always, there are no facts.

As usual, I will supply some to debunk this nonsense.

Two case studies: Pochettino and Klopp.

In both cases, neither showed any improvement in their first season in charge:

Spurs 2014: 69 pts scored 55 conceded 51 (6th)
Spurs 2015: 64 pts scored 58 conceded 53 (5th)

Liverpool 2015: 62 pts scored 52 conceded 48 (6th)
Liverpool 2016: 60 pts scored 63 conceded 50 (8th)

So both of those great managers conceded 50+ goals in their first season, both achieved less points than the previous manager, and both scored around 60 goals.

At half way in his first season, Emery has 38 points 41 scored 25 conceded.

This is equivalent to a 76 pt 82 scored, 50 conceded full season, a full 13 points better than the 63 under Wenger, eight goals more scored and the defence no worse.

So Emery is doing much, much better than either Klopp or Pochettino did.

Here is Pochettino’s trajectory:

2016: 70 pts 69 GS 35 GC 3rd – nearly 30 goal improvement in GD.
2017: 86 pts GS 86 GC 26 2nd – further major gains
2018: 77 pts GS 74 GC 36 3rd – stable top 4.


2017: 76 pts 78 GS 42 GC 4th – 16pts more GD improved 23.
2018: 75 pts 84 GS 38 GC 4th – GD improves further 10.

Emery is outperforming both Pochetino and Klopp in his first season and is equivalent to Klopp’s points totals in both 2017 and 2018.

Things have moved on, the bar is higher with 4th likely to need 80 points or more.

But the lunacy of claiming instant turnarounds from a starting point of 60-65pts is unanswerable.

Idiots can bitch all they want.

Emery is doing as well as anyone in his position has ever done.

If Kroenke will not back that, he has an agenda and is using Peter Wood et al to try and pimp it. ‘Arsenal are skint’ i.e. try and cover the £50m LBO repayments looted from Arsenal revenues as anything but owner larceny.

Emery had wholesale clear outs each season at Sevilla and delivered success even if the squad had ten changes from one season to the next. He has a track record working with a whole new squad, he is not a stability junkie. Go ask Monchi at Roma: he was his sidekick, the wheeler dealer who filled his vegetable hamper each summer.

You do not win 3 back to back Europa Leagues as a bad manager. Wheeling and dealing like a VC fund each summer.

If on the basis of the past six months, Emery is not a top manager, then neither is Klopp and neither is Pochettino.

Currently Klopp is 11 1 0 for his past twelve games. He has one of best defensive records in the history of English football in 2019. He is trending 100pts+.

Mediocre at best.

Pochettino is punching way above his weight with stadium issues, no transfers and Man Utd trying to pinch him.

An Espanyol manager at best.

Oh and as for LA Rams ‘spending big’: draft system means worst franchises get the best draft picks. A bit like saying Pulisic goes to Huddersfield not Chelsea. Sancho to Fulham not Dortmund.

Another thing: there is no Champions League for NFL: socialist media rights means finishing badly one season has fewer implications for the next. Easier to risk an unproven wannabe coach.

Kroenke spending big in LA was pure business, not love of sport. He has had ten years to spend big at Arsenal, challenge for EPL and UCL and never has.

Stop making excuses for the shyster. He did not retire Wenger because he is a pussy. He could have retired Wenger in 2015 after 4-0 FA Cup Final.

The wussy was a wussy. He is far richer than Massimo Moratti was at Inter. Moratti was a sports owner who gave Inter fans one hell of a journey. Kroenke is an LBO junkie who expects Arsenal fans to pay his mortgage.

Now the talk is ‘we are skint, buy 18 year olds and sell them for shedloads’.

Bullshit Arsenal are skint. Arsenal have been loaded with unnecessary debt by a skinflint parasite.

Arsenal fans: you paid for the stadium from 2006-2015. Net debt then was practically zero. Thanks to a decade of sky high ticket prices.

What are you doing paying the mortgage again? For a  billionaire whose £550m Usmanov purchase is 5% of their net worth tops????

Myles says:

Many thanks,Rhys, for this informative data.