Sokratis will play against Spurs/ Solskjaer is Man United caretaker

Unai Emery has confirmed that centreback Sokratis is fit for tonight’s Carabao Cup quarter-final against Tottenham.

Like me, Emery thinks Pochettino doesn’t need the aggro of the Manchester United job.

He said, “I think he’s very happy at Tottenham. I think he’s coaching a very big team, with very big players. They are now in the Champions League and they are also in a better position in the Premier League than Manchester United.I think his performance at Tottenham is very big. I don’t know if he’s thinking to change but I am looking at him with a very big commitment to Tottenham and he’s creating a good performance too, a good idea. Tottenham have improved a lot with him.”

Kieran Trippier wants revenge for beating beaten 4-2 by Arsenal?

I should hope he does. If he’s forgotten that trauma, I’d be very surprised. With Spurs, and with England, Trippier is in the results business.

Kevin De Bruyne is back at last!

Last night Kevin scored the first goal in a Carabao QF against Leicester that Manchester City won on penalties.

As most of you know, KDB is my favourite footballer. If he plays from now to May, City will collect more silverware. As a goalmaker and finisher, De Bruyne is very special.

Manchester United’s Interim manager will; be former 1999 Treble hero Ole Gunner Solskjaer.

Late Tuesday morning I came home from pilates via John’s shop and he said, “Mourinho’s been sacked.”

We knew that was coming. He was always a wrong fit for Manchester United.

Bobby Charlton always said that – and so did I.

United is known worldwide for attacking football, flair and spectacle.