Spurs, Man City and Man United need to improve in Champions League

I love Matchday 2.

It’s fun for teams that have won a game and crucial for those who lost.

I really enjoy the first four games of the Group Stage.

Matchdays 6 and 5 can become a bit weird when some teams don’t need to win.

On ANR I’ve often said that gamblers have a better chance of winning bets on the first four games.

My advice to top clubs is : Don’t lose your first Group game.

Manchester City did that against Lyon. They went 1-0 down at home early on and then Fekir rifled in that low shot to make it 0-2. Yes, Bernardo Silva got a goal back but it wasn’t the performance Pep was looking for.

Yes, I was surprised that City lost. But I shouldn’t have been because these things happen in football.

Hoffenheim v City is tonight and the German club are 11th in the Bundesliga after finishing third last season.

Pochettino has told the Spurs players to relish the chance to beat Messi and Barcelona at Wembley tomorrow tonight.

Messi, now captain, scored three goals against PSV Eindhoven on Matchday 1.

But he’s fallen out with centreback Gerard Pique in a big way.

Pique thinks the captain of Barca has to talk to the press after games.

Pochettino is without Eriksen,Vertonghen and Dembele, although captain Hugo Lloris is fit and in contention.

Spurs were beating Inter 1-0 with six minutes to go in the San Siro last time out but then the Italians scored two cracking goals.

Man United are playing Valencia at Old Trafford tonight.

And Jose Mourinho says that some players care more than others.

He’s right about that.

I will not be having a bet on the United match!

Today at pilates I thought I’d found another pal.

At 9.25 a new girl is next to me as we wait outside Studio 2 for the 8.35 class to finish.

“How long have you been doing pilates?” I asked.
“I’m just starting.”

She’s chunky, attractive and healthy-looking, early thirties.

“Are you Brazilian?”
“Yes. How did you know?”
“I’ve got a Brazilian friend, Denise, talks just like you. I’m Myles.”
“Nadia,” she says as we shake hands.

We all go in and put our mats where we want to be and then I suggest to Nadia that she introduces herself to the Blonde Angel, our wonderful teacher, and while I’m doing a few stretches I can see them talking in the corner and it faintly registers that there isn’t as much smiling as I would expect and then the class starts and after ten minutes my arms feel as if they will soon drop off and I can’t see Nadia, who’s wearing a very bright pink top.

Am I going blind?

I look again in the big mirrors and confirm there’s no pink in the room.

Then I realise: Damn, she’s too pregnant to do this!

Holding,Welbeck,Monreal & Leno impressive/Ramsey?Who cares?