Stale Arsenal find a new low at West Brom while Spurs win again

From Martin :


Usually in the groundhog world that is Arsenal post-2006, this is the time when the Arsenal team find some form, pressure off after our Champions League exit, and any chance of winning the title removed.

The improved form at this time wins us the finishing above Spurs trophy and depending how bad rest of top 6 are playing, the distant 2nd, 3rd, 4th trophy.

However, it’s seems finally that Groundhog days are coming to an end as Wenger has lost his team to such an extent that team has no drive or desire, the staleness of the style of play has numbed their abilities completely.

Pedestrian, slow, painful and clueless in how to change it up, to drive the game, back and forth the ball goes, truly nearly fell asleep! Let’s not talk about defending. To say it was schoolboy defending does schoolboys an injustice.

Two of the most careless ball movers together in midfield with Ramsey and Chamberlain, both have their talents on the move not in that position of being the pivot.

Know we all appreciated Cazorla talents but none of us realised just how much he was carrying the midfield.

But this is all a good thing, it needs to be seen clearly that the club had been stale for a while and it’s terminal now but we all know only a complete falling off and outside top 5 even will bring the changes needed

No Champions League will be a blessing, look how Conte has used the time to coach the Chelsea team, its fresher, and any new manager coming into Arsenal will benefit similarly.

Think players are culpable too, some seem to have no pride in performance, some of the laziness on the ball and in basic duties was embarrassing and criminal but the style of play and accountability is just not there and that goes back to the top.

Think some players have to be moved on but as much a Conte took same group as Mourihno had to title you can see new tactics, discipline, accountability and desire could change this group around similarly.

6th would be best thing that has happened to this club in 10 years as it should bring change and allow manager to concentrate on league and coaching his ethics and by today’s performance you do not have to wish it happens, it will happen as there nothing left, it was all there to see today, you do not need my words, yours, if understanding football that performance said everything

When you do not care and are resigned to feel nothing then that says it all. That’s me this season, just numb apathy to defeats.

The club has to make fans care again.

Myles says:

Arsenal are 6th and 9 points behind Spurs,who are 2nd behind Chelsea after beating Southampton 2-1.

Success in football is obvious and self-explanatory.

While failure is less obvious, much more complicated. But more interesting.

Unfortunately,Martin, there is no club these days.

Just a vicious corporation.

The club you used to love does not exist any more.

Because the organisation is controlled by Kroenke, a cold absentee owner.

His favourite sports are hunting and fishing.