Steve McClaren’s England will draw with anybody

AT LAST, it’s happened !

The exciting news we have all been waiting for.

Steve McClaren will be the England coach for the next four years.

It was hilarious to see Brian Barwick, the FA’s chief bureaucrat, telling us McClaren was his first choice and that the job had never been offered to Big Phil Scolari.

FRANK LAMPARD says Steve is a good coach and Steve says he is the proudest man in England tonight.

His first game is a friendly against Greece on August 16th at Old Trafford and that will be a 1-1 draw.

England’s next 18 games will be 1-1 draws, apart from a few, which will be 0-0s.

Hallelujah !

Go on, admit you’re excited.

Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson is now looking for a new manager.The most under-reported fact of the season is that Gibson told Boro shareholders that he had asked his manager to play more attacking football, after which results improved.

Brian Barwick may have to do the same. But he does not look or sound like a chief executive of anything. He is a TV man whose greatest skill is the managing of committees.