Straight swap of Cole for Gallas? Wenger won’t do that !

Since Arsene Wenger rates Ashley Cole at £25 million, and William Gallas at £5 million, a straight swap is not the solution to the impasse that has been boring us rigid for months on end.

Clearly, Chelski are unrepentant about the Cole affair. They show no signs of wanting to have a "normal" relationship with Arsenal.

People are now wondering what is the sticking point n negotiations.Is it the price?

Or are David Dein and Peter Kenyon fighting over who pays the agent's commission?After all this grief, Jonathan Barnett will want loadsamoney.

Like Liverpool at Bramall Lane, Arsenal suffered from having one day less to prepare for their Premiership games after the international break.

Arsenal invariably fail to win after such breaks and I should have remembered that when I backed them to beat Aston Villa.

LIVERPOOL will miss Jamie Carragher in Kiev tonight.They are 2-1 up against Maccabi Haifa.

Rafa rested Crouch in Sheffield and he will have a big role to play in tonight's game which is live on ITV from 7.30.

On August 7, when we were in the Algarve, I saw on TV that Ashley Cole was not going to Zagreb. Reyes, on the bench, did not come on in that 3-0 victory.I also noticed that Ribery had been dropped for the Marseilles-Sedan game, a 0-0 draw.

Now I see that Owen Hargreaves was on the bench for Bayern's game at the weekend.Which makes you wonder whether he might still go to Man United.

The transfer deadline is August 31st and since it's the 22nd today, this is almost the moment when decisions have to be made.

The time when people say, "Let's sell him and draw a line under this."