$$$tan Kroenke scores biggest PR own-goal in soccer history

From Godfrey Kivumbi: trophies

In case you haven’t seen this, although I can’t imagine you haven’t.

You worked him out from the word go.

If I was Sanchez I would leave on the first day of the next window


Myles says:

I saw the ghastly billionaire at one AGM and vowed to never go to another.

I’ve been there, done that when it was fun, when it was interesting, when it was British, long before the ArseDisney Corporation dehumanised your club.

I’ve attended and reported Arsenal AGMs when journalists were not allowed to be there.

And I’ve composed 4,000-word reports of proceedings that took four days to write. I did that to provide a service to supporters who loved their club very much and who may have been shareholders themselves at some point, and for fans of my own generation who may have been living abroad, a very long way from Highbury.

But now I’ve moved on to some different and more enjoyable activities.

What do I think now in the third month of 2016?

MAYBE THIS :  that Ar$ene Wenger and $tan Kroenke deserve each other.

Later on, this afternoon at 2pm, I’ll write something about tonight’s game in Barcelona.