Tevez stays/Arsenal look good for third

Carlos Tevez has scored !

12 hours before the biggest Manchester derby of all time, Tevez has scored the first goal of the game.

He says he’s staying at Citeh !!!

Tevez is a one-man army and Manchester United must shut him down tonight.


That’s my feeling. Has been for weeks.

I still fancy Man United to grab the title and don’t think they’ll lose.

They’ll play to draw and hope to sneak it.

Tonight is historic for City and they’re not accustomed to this kind of pressure.

City could win, of course.

They have plenty of goalscorers and the United defence has been dodgy all season. The midfield was so dodgy that they had to bring Paul Scholes out of retirement.

I’m looking forward to this thriller.

I love it when a football match actually means something.

Somebody will write a book about The Biggest Manchester Derby.

A few words, now, about your favourite team.

Arsenal will beat Norwich and put themselves in a position to finish third.

After that, Game 38 will be West Brom in Roy Hodgson’s goodbye match.

If Arsenal need to win to finish third, they should get three points.

The key point is : It’s in their own hands. And feet.

At Stoke, Begovic made a good early save from RVP’s header.

Then Peter Crouch put them 1-0 up with a tasty header that flew down inside the post from seven yards. Szczesny had no chance.

1-0 to Stoke in 9 minutes.

Then Vermaelen hit a probing pass from deep and that turned right back Ryan Shotton and Rosicky’s cross reached the boot of van Persie at the far post.

So it was 1-1 after 15 minutes
There were no goals in the next 75.

Vermaelen fired a good shot which smacked the arm of Shawcross just outside the box. No free kick was given.

There was “a penalty incident.”

Song found RVP, who played in Benayoun, who was always looking to go down. He was more interested in the contact than the ball and when Whelan touched him, the Israeli fell on his face.

We’ve seen a lot of soft penalties given but not this time.

Late on, sub Rory Delapp launched one of his monster throws and the awkwardly loose ball had to be volleyed away by Sagna.

Next up : Norwich.

Tonight : Carlos Tevez, the pocket battleship, against Sir Alex, Rooney and the wingers.

The only meaningful match left in 2011-2012 is Bayern v Chelsea on Saturday, May 19.

So I’ve now got three weeks off   blogging. I could go to Croatia again.