Thanks, Myles, for commentating on Arsenal’s musak

From Gerry Griffin:

It can’t be easy commenting on the football equivalent of musak.

Myles says:

Great analogy!

And one that hasn’t been made before.

Although Arsenal’s style is rather dull, advanced data-analysis suggests that Wenger’s musak style will achieve 3rd or 4th place over a 38-match campaign through autumn, winter and spring.

Since 1954 Muzak has been a registered trademark of Muzak LLC.

The term musak is often used as a generic term for all the background music used in lifts, shops, on phones that were put on hold, and so on. Such music used was “scientifically” compiled to be bland, so it that would not to offend anyone.

PS. My thoughts on the 2-0 win over Sunderland?

If today goes according to plan,  I will post again this afternoon.