The Arsenal board has resigned.Gazidis will stay till end of season

“We gave the manager far too much power,” says today’s statement from chairman Sir Chips Keswick.

“When we tried to take some power back, he refused. We don’t know how to run a football club because the manager has done that for over a decade with Ivan Gazidis working under him. As I’ve always said: If Arsene has a plan, we back him. If he doesn’t, we shut up. But we have been widely ridiculed recently, so we’ve decided to step down.”

That kind of statement is the only Arsenal news I want to hear.

The nine remaining games don’t matter.

What Ozil says certainly doesn’t matter.

What Wenger says in his 9a.m. presser is irrelevant.

We all judge a manager by his team and this Arsenal side is sixth and seven points behind fourth-placed Manchester City.

They’ve lost their last four away games – and might even lose to Middlesbrough on Monday night.

However, I still love football. Always will.