The Arsenal defence isn’t the only problem

Gooners are  depressed.

Many now realise that Wenger  and the board have ruined their beloved club.

Thousands are switching off every week.

I meet them everywhere, every day. I get phone calls, emails, all saying the same things. These people  still follow the team, they suffer and grumble and moan, but  they see no hope. They still want to care. But gradually, reluctantly,  they’re finding other things to do.

They  just don’t believe in these players. They don’t believe Arsenal can win anything with these players.

They think Arsenal are playing for eighth or sixth. Or relegation.  

Some aficionados reckon it would have been a better season if Arsenal had NOT beaten Udinese.

They could have concentrated on the  league and got back to basics, if Wenger is now capable of anything as basic as ….basic defending

Seriously, defence isn’t the only problem.


Often prolific in the past, this team now scores one or two.

That’s not enough if you can’t keep clean sheets

A gift against Swansea,  closely followed another gift in Dortmund. We knew Arsenal would not get gift goals in every match after those two.

This team don’t score enough goals because the strikers are not good enough.

Arsenal’s strikers are second-rate and third-rate. I could see that before Fabregas left but others refused to see then what they can see now.

Walcott is a brainless sprinter who, like  David Frost, has risen without trace.

Gervinho is just another flaky, erratic  mediocrity from the French league.

Bendter was  too slow and far  too big-headed  

Vela was a joke, a Mexican bantamweight never trusted by fans or manager.

Chamakh is in the wrong league.  He’s finished.

So the club only has one striker.

The Arsenal forward line is Robin van Persie.

That is where we are.

That is why we are where we are.

I think RVP will leave  in the summer but doubt if he will be a major success anywhere else.

For years there have been, at any moment, four or five pieces I could choose to write on ANR. But today there are only two.

This one and the one I’ve been postponing since last Friday. Mostly, there is a gloomy concensus that there is nothing much to discuss any more.

We’ve said it all.

Read this, for instance, from Saj Chowdry : Cold, calm, indifferent  

Hi Myles

I have been reading your blog for many years and it’s one of my (few) AFC related bookmarks. I wholly agree with your analysis of where the club  is at the moment.

It’s a perfect storm of falling incomes, over-exposure to over-hyped matches, and soulless stadia.

I question why I am asked to pay ridiculous prices to prop up this weird regime/business slowly rotting under failed leadership. The board and Wenger,

I feel sorry for Wilshere, RVP, Sagna and Szczesny, as I believe they are what’s left of the talent at the club. They too will run down their contracts and leave.

The gaps in the crowd now are nothing compared to what it’s going to look like when this year’s renewal rolls around. It reminds me of the empty, hollow stadia in Italy.