The top 6? Arsenal must defend better/It’s Chelsea’s to lose

From John Leake: Top 6 Table


Per request of your reader, a table of Top 6 results attached, pending Liverpool v City on Saturday.

The data suggests a few things:

1) It’s Chelsea’s to lose. Not only do they have the best record against the Top 6, they also have taken the most points off the rest of the league.

2) Arsenal’s two losses came in matches where they scored first. Draws in those matches would paint a much rosier picture. Their win was also the only match in which they posted a clean sheet. The answer is: Defend Better.

3) United are not legitimate contenders, underachieving against the rest of the league just as much as Chelsea overachieve. Their low goals total suggests Mourinho’s strategy is to negate and play for a draw (we already knew that), and their negative differential suggest that they lack the players to do it (we probably already knew that too). Pencil them in 5th or 6th with an FA Cup run.

A bonus finding: Your favorite bet, BTS, would be doing well (9-5 by my count).

The high goals total suggest Liverpool-City could be a 2-1 or 3-1 game.

Perhaps a parlay with BTS and Over 2.5 goals is on the cards?

Happy New Year!


Myles says: Thanks , John.

It’s a pity that I don’t know how to convert that PDF file/table and post it here.

Really sorry about that. Maybe we can fix that and re-post.

On the betting front, I’ve won 6 of my last 10, so I’m losing money slowly

Haven’t done the Liverpool-Man City game yet but BTS looks be sensible.

However, I rarely bet until I know the team line-ups.


Less sensible, perhaps, is Diego Costa to score at any time, Hazard to score at any time.But those are my bets today so far.

I’m going to the Chelsea-Stoke game and can’t wait to see the 2017 champions in the flesh.