The top five Arsenal players of all time?

Anyone who is an Arsenal fan can appreciate the unique lineage and history of the team.

Much like any football club, it is often said that present success is built upon the shoulders of past greats.

So who were the top five Arsenal players and what characteristics made them unique?

Ian Wright

Although Ian Wright is a familiar name to many Arsenal fans, less are aware that he began has career with this team at the rather late age of 22. This is perhaps why he was very difficult to coach; managers instead largely chose to leave him alone while he was on the pitch. Such an approach seems to have worked, as Wright scored no fewer than 185 goals while with Arsenal.

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry certainly needs no introduction, as he dominated the pitch during the early 2000s. He was particularly capable of dismantling even the most formidable of defences, so it is clear to see why Thierry was an integral part of the Arsenal attack. Three FA Cups alongside two Premier League titles for Arsenal are said to be the direct results of Thierry’s presence on the pitch.

Patrick Vieira

Vieira is frequently known as the player who scored the winning penalty kick against Manchester United in the 2005 FA Cup Final. However, the midfielder was an integral part of the team for nine years. Vieira was also famous for dominating his midfield position as well as being versatile during gameplay. This is why it made sense for him to replace Tony Adams as captain in 2002.

Tony Adams

“Mr. Arsenal” is in a ‘league of his own’. Adams helped the team win 12 trophies during his career, so it is no wonder he is still adored by fans today. This man was also a sure-fire player. Unlike elements of chance which are naturally present in games such as online slots¬†Adams would nearly always pull Arsenal through to victory at the end of the day. In other words, the odds were stacked in his favour thanks to his immense physical prowess.

Dennis Bergkamp

While best known for his goal against Newcastle United back in 2002, Dennis Bergkamp brought much more to the table than goals, in terms of speed, stamina and sheer determination. This is why he was able to score a total of 120 goals while playing for Arsenal.

These five players truly exemplify the diverse nature of Arsenal. Of course, we are now witnessing newer blood on this pitch and there is always hope that some of these players will also enjoy their place within the immortal annals of Arsenal history.