Three more years of Arsene FC/ only 71 points?

From Mat Kell : Wenger has 3 more years as manager?

If he takes this up then, after 23 years as a season ticket holder, I will hand it back and mourn the day The Arsenal died .

From John Leslie : fans into consumers, consumers into fans

Hi Myles,

The top tier of football is going through a revolution, they no longer want fans, the traditional fan is dead!

For the last 10/15 years they have been turning fans into consumers.

Top tier football clubs are businesses, if you want to become a fan again you need to watch lower league football.

People have to move with the times, top tier football is no longer  what it was. People can complain till they’re blue in the face about Arsenal and Stan but they are leading the way. Other clubs admire them.

West Ham, Tottenham will go the same way with the advent of their new stadiums.

As you have said many times “The Arsenal Experience”, that’s the new brand name not Arsenal Football Club.

The wind of change has been in the air for a long time…..

Ironically, the other part of the business (retail etc.) is trying to turn their consumers into fans!

From Norrie : other teams/Arsenal average

Hi Myles,

I have to disagree with Martin’s view that only Leicester can ‘hold their heads up high’ after this season.

Leicester, Spurs, Southampton, Bournemouth, Watford and (arguably) West Ham all outperformed ‘bigger’ clubs and their own  expectations.

Certainly, all invested smartly without spending huge amounts – which goes to show that it’s not how much you have, but how you spend it that’s key.

His second contention that 71 points would hardly get top 4 again misses the point. In the last 10 seasons, Arsenal have averaged 73.4 points with a high of 83 points (enough to win the title this season) and two joint lows of 68.

If you were to model a squad and season on finishing in the top 4, mid-70s is the area you would plan on hitting. I don’t think this is coincidental.

The frustration remains that with an improvement of ‘just’ 3-4 results Arsenal are guaranteed to challenge for the title. Has a cost/benefit analysis taken place within the club analysing how much investment that improvement would cost? Perhaps.

But the more pertinent issue is that whilst that average is maintained, nothing needs to change. As a supporter it’s maddening, but as a business it makes perfect sense to keep things exactly as they are.

From Singapore Sean :  Wenger 

Hi Myles,

Enjoy your blogs as usual, though the subject matter – Arsenal – is a frustrating one!

So what does Wenger say after another blooper campaign?

“We know what we want for next year,…..the team came in 3rd last year and this year we are second.”

Wenger tiptoed around the central concern for all Arsenal fans – we have not won the Premier League for 13 years!!! 

For such a big club with such financial abilities, we are just also-rans, we are under achievers, and we should be ashamed!!

Wenger was also in denial when he said “the fans were so happy”….  Yeah we are happy because we finished above Spurs (and this is all we can look forward to these days…thanks to Kroenke and Wenger), and we were definitely not celebrating your achievements, Wenger!!

In life, I choose to be a contributor in whatever community I belong to and create value for my organization.  Wenger on the other hand, has reduced himself to a money faced old man, and a barking dog to his owner – Kroenke.

I thought a person with Wenger’s intelligence and wealth could see beyond materialistic gains, and take a long look at the faces of disappointed fans all over the world.

But in reality Wenger does not care, Kroenke does not care, and it is really pathetic for them to live life being hated by so many people.