Tigerish Alexis Sanchez could be a better role model

From Brendan:


Regarding Sanchez, I might be seen as a bit “soft” and not wanting that “tigerish” desire in Arsenal.

Yes I want that. But I would prefer him to learn to control his feelings.

I’m doing my FA Level coaching badges soon and I’m already semi-involved with training Under-11 boys.

They do follow what the big players do, from diving to arguing over decisions.

They see Sanchez covering his face with his top when he’s substituted, making frustrated gestures when a team-mate fails to complete a pass, telling a team mate who dared to pull him up on something to “eff off”. They will do the same.

It reminds me of the Shankly quote about football not being a matter of life and death, but more serious than that.

Myles says:

When Sanchez plays for his next club, I will commission monthly reports from you on Sanchez’s body language.

Bill Shankly was a passionate leader with a gift for saying memorable things like that.

He loved footballers who cared.

It was their privilege to play for supporters who cared and sang and supported fervently and for life.

Football’s the greatest game ever invented.

Shame that England can’t play it these days and Southgate will soon lose to Germany in a friendly.

Even if we draw, we’re still crap.