To renew or not renew at Arsenal? Let’s ask a lawyer

From John Froud: To renew or not to renew

Hi Myles,

That is the question!

We will soon be asked to shell out another vast sum for another year’s potential dross.

My concern is that when you buy a product you normally know what you’re buying. If we don’t get clear word from the “Corporation” as to the manager position we won’t be able to form an opinion as to whether it’s a worthwhile investment.

I’ve had a season ticket for many, many years and I love my club but hate the people who own/manage it. One day this situation will hopefully change but for now I don’t go very often and to add insult to injury I mostly cannot sell my seat on the exchange. I had flu over the Christmas period and couldn’t sell the seats for Newcastle, Liverpool or Chelsea.

Nobody wants Europa League and City last week wasn’t even on the Exchange. Imagine that! We’ve sunk so low that London’s biggest club doesn’t sell all of its tickets when we play the League leaders.

I’m wonder if you have any lawyers amongst your readership. If so my question is, Could we as fans, demand to know who the manager will be next season before paying out for next seasons ticket?

It seems a perfectly reasonable request but knowing Arsenal Corp. they won’t see it that way. The answer would probably be. “Thank you for your interest in our club – Goodbye!”.

Myles says:

You’re a loyal innocent, John.

But you ARE being reasonable and I was thinking about this issue last week. Considered doing  a piece titled: Why Arsenal fans should not renew.

There is no club. What’s there has none of the characteristics of a club.

But Liverpool is still a club, Spurs too.

Fans love those teams and their players really perform for their fans.