Told you: Matchday 3 excellent for Spurs, Man City and Liverpool

Who needs Arsene FC in the Champions League?

Arsenal haven’t represented the Premier League proudly in recent seasons.

They haven’t played like London’s biggest club should play. Have plainly not achieved the results that London’s biggest club should achieve.

They’ve failed because of Kroenke and the “board”.

But mainly Arsenal failed because of the “manager” we all used to admire.

So Arsenal are irrelevant these days

By contrast, this season’s Premier League challengers looked very good in Europe last night.

Man City beat Napoli, Liverpool pulverised Maribor in Slovenia, and Pochettino’s Tottenham played really well in 1-1 draw against the European Champions of 2017 and 2016.

ANR said Matchday 3 would be fantastic.  So far it has been.

Tomorrow I’ll wrap up Matchday 3 by writing something definitive.