Top sportswriter says main Arsenal issue is that their fans are bored

Sky’s Sunday Supplement was quite good this week.

Because Jonathan Liew was on.

He’s the Chief Sportswriter of The Independent.

An educated lad who rarely wastes words.

On Manchester City he said that Pep Guardiola is one the great coaches of his generation but it’s eight years since he won the Champions League.

Liew talked with Matt Dickinson and Shaun Custis about Pep’s intensity and how calmer coaches like Bob Paisley and Jupp Heynkes often became  European Champions.

On City’s 3-1 victory over Spurs yesterday, Liew said City looked like a team with a point to prove.

They talked about gross behaviour by punters in corporate  areas of the stadiums, about Harry Kane claiming a touch on a goal that had been awarded to Christian  Eriksen.

Liew asked: Who knew in July 2017 that Mo Salah had this kind of season in him?

Inevitably, they talked about Buffon and ref Michael Oliver but nobody asked whether it could be coincidence that Real Madrid get so many penalties in stoppage time and so many vital decisions in their favour.

Liew said the atmosphere at Napoli is hard to beat and Matt Dickinson admitted he loves going to games abroad as a fan.

Right at the end they talked about whether Wenger should leave Arsenal with dignity.

With time running out, and a summary judgment needed, Liew said something simple that cut through all the clutter.

Everything else has been said about your favourite club 10,000 times, if not 500,000 times.

Jonathan Liew said, “The main issue is that Arsenal fans are bored.”