Tougher Autumn fixtures will clarify Arsenal’s prospects for 2018

From Rhys Jaggar:

The fixtures in September and October are kind, so a feel good factor will build, even if performances are not top quality.

November sees: City away, Spurs home, Burnley away.

All three of those opponents will be fancying three points and Arsenal could be going into the home banker against Huddersfield having lost three EPL games in a row.

To be title contenders, they will need seven points minimum. To be top four contenders: four to six points. Three points or less and a hole will again have been dug.

November is the month when many questions about Arsenal will be answered, including how seriously they should take the Europa league in the spring…..

Right now they are winning matches at home less impressively than Spurs are winning them away. Both have W4 D0 L0 records.

City have proven themselves against top six rivals, Utd have yet to be tested.

Chelsea look short with Morata out and Costa gone. I cannot credit Conte not wanting to have both Morata and Costa at least until next summer. Did he assume he was signing a second striker? That Batshuayi was enough? Or was it financially impossible to keep both? Seems astonishing with extra Champions League revenues…..

Liverpool are having a bad patch. But they are only one point off top four.

Long way to go, but Spurs in the top 3 would be my value bet right now.

Myles says:

Apologies for my error on  Monday morning.

Just before rushing out I blogged that Arsenal would finish fourth, just above Liverpool.

Several readers then asked: Will Chelsea or Spurs drop out of the Top Four?

I reckon Spurs will sustain their form into 2018,with a few blips.

I think Spurs will be third, Man United second, Man City champions.

Chelsea have a very good team but lack the firepower of Spurs/City/ManU.

Right now, I’m convinced that Arsenal will finish above Liverpool.

Chelsea look iffy because they’ve not scored in their last two home games.

When Morata went off in the first half, Conte brought on Willian.  Bonkers! Pedro was the call. He is fast and energetic. When he did come on, Pedro tested Manchester City a bit.

Right now, I don’t know which Chelsea I’m gonna see.

After this international break, Chelsea need to re-group and re-ignite. If they don’t do that soon or Soon, they will not be contenders and Conte will go.

(Before the season started there was a whisper that Roman isn’t as into it as he has been.)