Transfers : Where will the expensive talents go?

Late May is uninspiring for fans.

It\’s an in-between time with far more gossip than news.

None of the talent knows where it\’s going to be.

None of the talent knows where it’s gonna be  next season.

They don\’t know. And we don\’t know.

What is there to talk about?

No star have been bought for big money.

Eden Hazard hasn’t said where he’s going. Is he a great player?

Roberto Martinez is in Miami today to see John W. Henry.

Apparently, Fabio Capello turned down Liverpool because he wants talks with Chelsea.

Biggest newsflash : Pep Guardiola will listen to job offers!

Thanks for reading ANR in the crazy season of  2011-12.

-Myles (Interim First Team Blogger)


PS. Really enjoyed going to the Orwell Prize ceremony in Westminster this week.

Met some lovely people.

Interesting night. And very moving.