Unai Emery’s Arsenal are improving fast. But not in the first half hour

From Simon Beal

Hi Myles,

It’s been a long time coming but it’s great to see you enthusing and being effusive about Arsenal again. I know we’ve ridden our luck in these last ten games but credit where credit is due, I’m loving it.

There’s hope tinged with pragmatism. If we get in the  Champions’ League this year, credit to Emery. Love his refreshing approach- we can always improve and we can. Still haven’t learnt to control the first 30 minutes of the game (Wenger hangover?)

Isn’t it funny how much the team and individual parts of the team look so much better with some top quality coaching? I wince at the potential that was wasted at Arsenal in the final Wenger years.

Bellerin and Iwobi are thriving under instruction and tactical tutelage. They were both drifting under Wenger and the proof is in their performances.

Anyway, thought I’d drop you a line. Keep the fire lit!

Thanks and regards.

Myles says:

Thanks for writing, Simon.

Wasted potential indeed.

In their Champions League Group with Inter, PSV and Barcelona, Spurs are making incredible defensive mistakes. They were beating PSV 2-1 in Eindhoven last night when Hugo Lloris was sent off and it finished 2-2.

Spurs only have one point from three games, so they’re heading into the Europa League to join Arsenal and Chelsea.

One of those London clubs could win it.

France abolished monarchy in 1792 and King Louis XV1 went to the guillotine early in 1793.Two centuries later, in 1996,David Dein brought King Wenger to reign over Colney and Highbury and, quite quickly, the whole of England.

Two years ago, replying to Andy Pinker, who was uncredited for his email, I wrote this :

King Wenger’s mind gets stranger by the day