Unai Emery’s Arsenal will be more like Klopperpool and Tottenham Pochspurs

Spurs have done thousands of hours of detailed shape work.

They do double sessions in pre-season and during the season.

Because Pochettino wants them to win the ball early and pass it forward quickly to Kane, Eriksen, Alli and Son. He wants each player to know where his mates are without looking.

The gegenpressing style of Liverpool is similar but even more energetic, as they seek to service Salah, Mane and Firmino with passes to feet but sometimes into space as well.

With a Brazilian and two sparky Africans, Liverpool have more improv than Spurs, but less automatic.

Right now, Arsenal’s style is in transition. At last!

Liverpool and Spurs were the speed-kings of 2017 -18, with the former reaching the CL final in Kiev, the latter now providing half of Southgate’s much-improved garethpressing England team.

Klopp calls it heavy-metal football and makes no apologies.

He’s a very explicit guy who tells you what he’s gonna do and then does it. By taking the initiative, he’s forcing you to change what you do to absorb Liverpool’s fiery attacks and prevent them from winning the game in the first 25 minutes.

Rival clubs should pay attention when Klopp says, “We expect more from ourselves. We have the highest ambitions.”

Nothing will be easy for Arsenal this season because Unai Emery inherited a complacent squad with a lot of bad habits. He’s brought in new players, promoted good kids, and started to build new habits and different expectations.

Emery knows that the calendar is ticking and that August-September will be a steep learning curve for him.

At the moment his priority is to teach Arsenal how to play his way. That’s why he took his English teacher to Singapore. He’s trying to learn a new language at the same time as he’s trying to teach a much more dynamic style of football.

This weekend’s game against Chelsea in Dublin is another training match.

But it’s a friendly that might be much harder than Atletico Madrid (1-1) and PSG Reserves (5-1).

Arsenal’s ensemble style has been all about attacking with seven or eight men and passing the ball into the net.

Don’t cross the ball, pass it back or sideways, don’t shoot from 25 yards, even in training. Arsene’s laptop said that doesn’t work.

Unai’s laptop says that his style won three Europa Cups: