Unfortunately, Arsenal can get considerably worse from here

From Alex Barker : Transfer Decisions

Dear Myles,

I hope that you are well.

How much amusement Arsenal are providing for the world of football?

I don’t buy the idea that Stan Kroenke is responsible for the transfer window debacle.

What is the point of recouping £30m in profits through player sales if you then flush £60m down the drain by not selling Sanchez?

Surely, if Stan or his minions were interfering in transfer decisions at the Emirates as is alleged, we would have banked Man City’s £60m on Thursday and addressed any need for a ‘replacement’ in January, if at all.

The decision to flush that money down the toilet can only have been taken by our great manager. His massive ego and incompetence is to blame for this mess.

Anyone taking a rational, dispassionate look at the state of the squad, the playing performances so far this term would write-off the season at this point and try to assemble funds to rebuild in future windows.

Only someone totally deluded would think they will get performances out of Sanchez now, compared to last season when he put himself in the shop window.

Since you like a bet, I wonder if you would wager on the number of minutes Sanchez will play for the club between now and January?

Unfortunately, I think it can get considerably worse from here.

Myles notes:

It was Wenger who said, “Without ego, you’ll get nowhere.”

I do love a bet but can’t wait 5 months to see if I’ve won.

Liverpool to score first is more my metier.