Unfortunately,King Wenger could be around for many more years

From James Le Blanc

Arsene Wenger should have been fired 6 years ago & my rage was off the scale after the ludicrous team selection & feeble display away to Liverpool.

If Arsenal win every league match for the rest of the season it won’t change the fact he should have been long gone.

However, I do not desire poor Arsenal defeats & performances for the purpose of vindication.

It seems though to that end within the written media & on blogs there has been negative spin & false narrative.

The penalty award at Burnley was totally correct.

Understandably Dyche was frustrated & angry losing the match so late but his anger should have been directed at the stupidity of his player rather than his dopey comment that ‘it probably was a penalty but it was always going to be given’ as if the referee was eagerly waiting all match to give such a decision. If that was the case then surely he would have given a penalty for what I understand was a foul on Bellerin earlier in the match.Unshockingly Match of the Day did not show the incident.

The Guardian called the  ‘Ramsey Penalty’ incident a coming together!

Sean Dyche is an excellent manager & it’s staggering that Everton have not gone all out to recruit him.

Arsenal have regularly been criticised for failing to ‘win ugly’.
If Sunday’s win had been by any of the other top 6 it would have been commended as gritty. Instead with Arsenal it’s either or both of ‘lucky Arsenal’ & injustice.

Immediately after winning the North London Derby, Rio Ferdinand bravely predicted defeat at Burnley would follow …… WRONG!!

Arsenal won the North London Derby because they played very well from start to finish, closing the opposition down en masse.  Why can’t they do that consistently?

Yes the first goal was fortunate as the tackle was fair & on the resultant free kick Mustafi was marginally offside. Whilst Pochettino‘s moans were given plenty of copy, he escaped criticism for playing a half-fit Kane, a decision that could have seriously backfired with a subsequent long absence. It smacks of the traditional small club mentality of the club & their fans weighed down by their ‘Arsenal chip on the shoulder’.

One cannot forget the ‘Beavis & Buttheads’ hysterical celebrations at a 94th minute equaliser in the game that for the 2nd time resulted in Arsenal becoming Champions on their turf.

In the lead up to the recent NLD a Daily Mail journalist wrote an article stating a current combined XI would contain 11 Spurs players. Undoubtedly a deliberately provocative piece.

After the match Arsenal had the temerity to tweet the journalist a wink along with an Ozil emoji.

HOWL HOWL! was the response of the fellow journalists, including Henry Winter who has always believed himself a cut above the average ‘hack’. Arsenal’s soft tweet was in their view responsible for a subsequent ‘avalanche’ of anti-semitic & other hate filled tweets from Arsenal fans though apparently a scan of tweets on The Daily Mail reporter’s account didn’t reflect the so called avalanche.

Whether true or not if Henry Winter & his ilk were offended by the Arsenal tweet then why were they not as irked by Troy Deeney’s ‘Arsenal lack of Cojones’ comment after Watford beat Arsenal. They preferred to eagerly print his comment & not the absurdity of it coming from a ‘hero’ who is a convicted thug who bravely kicked a helpless student in the head.

Even his manager Marco Silva condemned the comment from a player who he astutely sees is neither fit enough or good enough to be a regular starter.

It was interesting after the AGM that Wenger himself stated that his position would be reviewed at the end of this season, even though he is contracted for next season. I wonder if he already has been told he will NOT be getting a further contract.

The signing up of both the recruiter from Borussia Dortmund, Sven Mislintat, & Barcelona man Raul Sanllehi as Director of Football  may be a further indicator to that effect. Of course they will be arriving on massive deals but I think it unlikely they would be coming to serve for several years under the Emperor, bringing him potential great signings for him to do his usual dithering until they are lost.

It seems more likely that they have been signed as part of a new management structure more imminently to be put in place with hopefully a new hungry & pragmatic coach.

Wishful thinking?

Myles says: 

Wishful thinking and hoping, I fear, James.

Don’t be too hard on Henry. If you knew him, as I do, you’d soon realise what a great guy he is.

If Arsenal keep beating teams like Huddersfield 5-0, then Wenger will stay longer at Arsenal than Sir Alex Ferguson did at Manchester United (26 years).

PS. Any Gazidis initiatives in the future will be swiftly followed by statements from King Wenger, saying, “I’m still in charge and will always take all the credit. Monarchs don’t share – and all you cretins should have understood that by now.”