Wenger on Radio 5 Live Sunday morning

By Myles Palmer

Garry Richardson has a one-on-one interview with Arsene in SportsWeek tomorrow morning.

Garry is a good reporter, a lateral thinker who can go into a story from the side, rather than the obvious way, front-on, so it could be an illuminating piece.

Five Live have wanted an exclusive chat with Le Boss all season and he finally agreed to talk about the future at Arsenal, the challenge of facing Man United and the forthcoming World Cup.

Arsene is perceptive on long-term issues,as well as the topical match-by-match stuff we usually hear from him.

He is a pretty good pundit, even though he does not indulge in much punditry.

SportsWeek is at 9 a.m. and it’s on MW 909/693khz.

If you miss it, I may be able to write something about the show here.

Don’t hold your breath for my views on Anfield.May not be able to watch the video until Monday morning.

We were at a big, posh, rocking party last night when Gary Jacob of The Times told me that Liverpool had signed Anelka on loan.

Anelka has fantastic ability and power.He can exploit Gerrard’s long passes.

But I don’t see him doing much for Liverpool. Too moody. Too similar in style to Michael Owen.

He did not like Overmars and I don’t think he will like Owen. Not likely to combine well with him.

Don’t see Anelka loving the abrasive Phil Thompson either.

Needs Arsene’s tender loving care and Dennis’s passes.

Could be wrong about that.

But some e-mails say : Myles,I don’t always agree with you, but keep putting your balls on the rails!

Hope you are having a Merry Xmas.

Yesterday I started typing out a Xmas message to the world, then realised I’m not the Pope.

It’s nice to have a flash of insight occasionally. Even nicer to have a flash of modesty.

22 December 2001.