We’re still learning about the new Arsenal and the new Liverpool

From Michael Budgen

Evening all, so what have we learned today ?

Klopp’s wannabe champions aren’t good enough to beat Unai’s wannabe top 4’s.

Virgil was good, Allison was not.

Laca & PEA are dangerous, hats off to Hector for playing when not fit. Both teams were good, however, Liverpool don’t have the ability to ‘control’ the midfield to win the one nillers that you need to emerge as champions come May.

But then again, neither did Leicester!

As I’ve said. let’s roll!!!!

Myles says:

It’s rolling well at the moment but Spurs edged into fourth place after going to Wolves and winning 3-2.

Lacazette is a geometry genius who knows exactly where the goalposts are when he’s facing the other way. With 8 minutes left, he turned a nothing situation into a goal. 

He’s a bit like Thomas Muller of Bayern Munich, who scored 106 Bundesliga goals by using parts of the pitch that other players ignored. But Muller was not a centre forward.

And Laca also does stuff that other centre forwards do.

Leno wasn’t much better than Allison. When he slapped Mane’s cross away, it went to the ageless James Milner who buried it in fine style.

From James:

Reasons for optimism

It feels like a good moment to now comment about the new era at Arsenal after what was an impressive performance against Liverpool when according to pundits & in particular one in respect of whom that word can be used in the loosest term Paul Merson had said Arsenal would be thrashed.

Merson cannot rid himself of the Arsenal chip on his shoulder due to him being dumped & replaced by the World Class Marc Overmars.

The fact that such an unintelligent unprofessional boozing drug- taking spousal abuser was seen to be a good choice as a pundit reflects terribly on Sky Sports. Merson continues to frequently mispronounce players names, including years of calling Chelsea’s Malouda …… ‘Mooda’!!

I believed a knee jerk reaction to the opening 2 defeats would have been wrong as it would have been reacting to the subsequent run of victories against teams we should have hoped to beat though having said that if Wenger was still manager we would not have won all those matches.

It feels like a breath of fresh air under Emery who is being a proactive & reactive manager whilst active in his technical area making tactical changes responding to the opposition & substitutions accordingly in contrast to the standard substitutions Wenger would make the majority of the time around the 70 minute mark.

FINALLY a terrier in the midfield in the superb Torreira!
Iwobi is transformed.

Undoubtedly there remain defensive issues to deal with. It disappoints me that the liability Mustafi is still in the team though I hope with a return to full fitness of Sokratis who has improved whilst getting used to the Premier League & similarly the promising Mavropanos who is nearing a return to fitness having so far been absent this season then that will rectify the situation.

The crowd has been invigorated after having the life strangled out of it by several Groundhog Day seasons of repetitive failings under Wenger.

In my view the decision to disallow Mane’s goal was correct as he was offside on the initial through ball when he actively moved towards it but only stopped when his team mate was clearly going to reach the ball first.

I am sure there will be setbacks particularly when key players are absent but

Onwards now & hopefully upwards!!

James LeBlanc

Myles says:

I love the combative interventionist coach we now have. And the new structure. Let’s hope it never becomes a one-man club again.

If Arsenal erect a statue of Wenger they should put one of Amaury Bischoff next to it.

An Arsenal win against Liverpool would be huge