What Myles actually said about Baptista

ANR reader Denis Hurley has a long memory.

 He says : Wenger wasn’t the only one to think Baptista wasn’t crap.

He remembers something I wrote about Julio Baptista in 2006.

Odd to think that Arsene and Myles were on the same page as recently as 2006.

I must have been feeling optimistic, so I typed out an upbeat piece full of generalisations that reflected my mood that day.

I really can’t remember that mood.

But I don’t have to.

Because Baptista sold to Arsenal, says Marca is self-explanatory.

OK, it was wrong. It’s deeply misguided and ignorant and reckless.

But it is self-explanatory :


Baptista sold to Arsenal, says Marca

By Myles Palmer


THE FORMAT needed a shake-up.

I knew that and it’s obvious that Arsene knew that.

He signs Hleb, who is a cross between Beckham and Kanchelskis.

Hleb delivers a great ball, but he is also a fast dribbler.

Henry and Pires don’t go for 50-50 balls in the box.

They are not warriors.

So you need a striker in the box to aim at.


The Brazilian is a very strong player.

WHY DID I always believe Arsene would sign Baptista?

Because Hleb without Baptista would be the sound of one hand clapping.

If you have one, you need the other.

In no time at all Hleb could start providing goal after goal, as Beckham did for Van Nistelrooy.

MARCA, Spanish sports daily, have just announced that Baptista is joining Arsenal for 20 million euros.

We assume the deal is conditional on him getting a work permit.

Yesterday Arsene asked us to trust him.

We do trust him.

The Professor sells Vieira for 20 million euros on Thursday and then buys Julio Baptista for 20 million euros on Friday.

What’s not to trust?

The weekend starts here !

7.50 pm Friday 15th July 2005