‘When he goes, Arsenal’s best player will be Koscielny’

From Qasim Kirmani :

People think Sanchez is Arsenal’s best player.

And he has carried the attack all season, but he’s a soloist, not a team player.

He might score and assist a lot, but he puts a lot of pressure on the players around him. His strops and gesticulations tell his teammates he thinks they’re not good enough. It’s a negative influence on the other players, and it surely must sap their confidence. It’s reminiscent of Henry in his last couple of years.

Cazorla is our real best player.

Everyone looks up to him and everyone loves him. When he plays, he makes the whole team play better. When he’s on the pitch, he improves everyone around him. With him, it all works. Without him, everyone struggles.

But who knows how Cazorla’s injury will go?

So yes, Koscielny might end up being the best we have left. You could be right about that.

Myles says :

I hope Koscielny stays after the board replace Wenger.

Being foxy,balanced and two-footed, Santi Cazorla can play in tight areas, keep the ball, see all the options, make the right choices, sometimes get the ball back and carry it forward.

The first pass out of the rear third determines whether a move will be an exciting move. 

Wenger moved Lauren to right back because he was a such a reliable passer.