Which new manager can turn Arsenal round quickly?

Carlo Ancelotti? Too old at 58.

Juventus’s Max Allegri is a 50-year old who wouldn’t want to work with these dummies.

Joachim Lowe is too old at 58 and his CV is mostly as a national coach.

Lowe couldn’t turn Arsenal round quickly as Pochettino did at Spurs.

So who should get the job?

Not Antonio Conte, who never uses his subs soon enough. Yesterday Chelsea played at Man City with Giroud and Morata both on the bench. Unreal.

Is there somebody great already managing in the Premier League?

Only Rafa Benitez, who has a proven track record in Europe. Rafa has a great CV but his wife and kids live in Liverpool and he enjoys working at Newcastle.

I’ve always said that Ivan Gazidis can’t call himself a CEO until he’s hired a manager.

It’s been hellish for Ivan, working under King Wenger. Ivan can pay off Wenger’s contract but only with the approval of Stan Kroenke, who doesn’t mind his teams winning no trophies.

What did I think of Brighton 2 Arsenal 1?

The result did not surprise me. And the first 35 minutes were a total shambles.

Arsenal dominated the second half with 70% possession but they were too robotic to cut through Bournemouth and create clear chances.

Their style is one-dimensional because years of indoctrination have turned them into pass-zombies who have forgotten what the game is actually about : scoring goals and stopping goals.

As things stand, following Wenger isn’t the main issue.

Transforming a rubbish squad is the biggest issue. Ozil is a pathetic wimp.

VERDICT : This Arsenal team needs a £200m rebuild.