Who can predict these 16 fixtures ?

By Myles Palmer

All my life, and all through ANR especially, I’ve taken each game as it comes.

I don’t look too far ahead.

At the moment it’s just : Arsenal are one point ahead of Liverpool with a game in hand and six to play.

I loathe the hypothetical, the ifs and buts of football.

And I can never join the anoraks and fanatics who tie themselves in knots trying to figure out all the ifs and buts.

To me that kills the fun of each game, which is, potentially anyway, a new adventure and distinct drama.

But tonight, despite that, I invite you to consider the month of April by doing something I have never done here before.

Yes, I’m talking about :


Manchester United

April 6: Leicester (a)

April 20: Chelsea (a)

April 27: Ipswich (a)

May 11: Charlton (h)

May 5/8: Arsenal (h)


April 6: Tottenham (h)

April 21: Ipswich (h)

April 24: West Ham (h)

April 29: Bolton (a)

May 11: Everton (h)

May 5 or May 8: Manchester United (a)


April 7: Blackburn (h)

April 13: Sunderland (a)

April 20: Derby (h)

April 27: Tottenham (a)

May 11: Ipswich (h)


Deportivo 0 Man United 2 ?

Surprising result.

Van Nistelrooy was clattered for a clear penalty, so it should have been 3-0.

Scholes will miss the second leg through suspension, Keane and Beckham were both injured in the game.

How can United do so well against exactly the same eleven players who beat Arsenal 2-0 at Highbury?

You could debate that one all night. But I won’t. It’s 12.45 a.m. and I’m off to bed.

3rd April 2002.