Who wants Mark’s season ticket?

From Mark: sign of the times – trying to loan out a season ticket

Hi Myles,

You\’ll like this.

I have a season ticket that I’m trying to loan out for next season (face value, nice seat in upper tier.). I’ve sent an email to all the offices in my building and to my contacts on a professional networking site.

That\’s well over a thousand direct contacts. Not a single response; not even a tentative query.

I remember the days when people were selling their Champs League spares for 5x face value. I understand people boycotting to a certain extent but I would find it hard to do. Family has been going since the 50s.

I’ve watched us win, lose and draw in a lot of places (Wrexham, Barnsley, Paris, Leicester etc etc). Stopping going/supporting would be like cutting off an arm.

Got to stick with it through thick and thin, even if this is a special kind of thin.

I don\’t think those writing to you from Asia, America and recent followers of the Premier League can ever really get that.

All the best,