Why Arsenal are unwatchable/ what Spurs can do that Arsenal can’t

From Brendan :

Maybe I’m focusing on Spurs a bit much because I’m trying to block out the lunacy at Arsenal.

Honestly, I can’t look.

I’m like you in admiring teams who do the basics well, who do the basics in a way that shows that they are coached so that the basics are automatic, second nature.

Arsenal players are not bad players. Just improperly coached and unmotivated.

Myles says:

This manager is a choreographer of attack who loves quick interpassing, aided by high fullbacks who pass to create three against two positions from which many goals come.They train to please his eye, to satisfy his aesthetic.

Arsenal  are one-dimensional because Arsene is one-dimensional.

It’s very unusual for a polymath to be one-dimensional but he is.

He is also supremely selfish and his audacity is astounding. He’s lost four games in a row for the first time in 16 years but still says: I’m still the best man to turn it round.


He’s the reason Arsenal are 8 points behind fifth-placed Chelsea.

I agree with Brendan on Tottenham.

Spurs have a lot of automatic because they train that way and have the desire to  sustain their sprinting, their shape, their drive, their attacking momentum.

Spurs have belief, Arsenal don’t.

Like George, Pochettino believes in spinal strength rather than possession.

Lloris is a world class keeper a wee bit past his prime. Vertonghen is fit and playing superbly again . Dier is big and versatile, Wanyama is an African powerhouse who knows where to be.

Harry Kane is a soldier centre forward who can be relied on in every game, every week, every month, every season, every battle home and away.

Kane is not flaky and never will be.