Why Arsenal need Diego Simeone now

From Darryl: John Gee

Sorry John,

Your post is the sort of ‘head-in-the-sand’ bollocks that will prevent Arsenal from winning anything ever again.

From fitness and variations of tactics to analysis of opponents, to in-game management, the timing and nature of substitutions, some abysmal signings,  intensity of the game, maintenance of tempo, mishandling of injuries, motivation and man-management of players like Ozil, Wenger has presided over a 10-year shambles.

This club, properly managed and coached could have won 3 titles in the last decade, throwing 2 chances down the toilet with the destiny of the title in Arsenal’s hands.

This club does NOT need a massive injection of money.

This club desperately needs a change in culture, demands, expectations and belief.

Get Diego Simeone at all costs.

He will take this squad, which has a ton of ability, but the heart of a pea. He will make Arsenal Champions, will do it in one season and will torture Chelsea as he does it.

It is becoming easier by the day to come to the conclusion that if you support Arsene Wenger, then you are ANTI-Arsenal.

Pay off Arsene’s contract right now. Consider it a token of thanks for the manager he used to be, and get El Cholo to not be a breath of fresh air, but blast a force 10 gale through this club.

It’s what the club needs, it’s what we need.

Myles says:

Sometimes you need to go the other way.

Sometimes you need the opposite. And Arsenal certainly need the opposite now.

As a businessman, Wenger is still a success.

But as a football coach he’s lost the plot, as all of them do.

Atletico Madrid won La Liga with 90 points and only conceded 26 goals in 38 games.

They won the title with passion & organisation & set-pieces & Diego Costa & Courtois.

Atletico were champions because they battled week afer week, month after month.

They saw an opportunity that’s not there every season and they went for it.

They really  wanted it more than Barcelona or Real Madrid

Organised passion is the way forward.

Whether it’s ¬†Diego Simeone or Jurgen Klopp or Carlos Kickaball in charge.

Nobody knows if Simeone could manage in England.

All we know is that Arsenal have one talented & tenacious player who’d be in his team.

21st November 2014