Why Arsenal v Man City is huge/ best Atletico Madrid report

Arsenal v Man City is a big one.

Any new manager’s first league game is massive.

Especially if it’s a home game.

And Unai Emery’s first game as Arsenal manager is at home to the Premier League champions.

Wenger’s Arsenal finished sixth with 63 points and 19 wins, while Guardiola’s champions chalked up 100 points and a record 32 wins.

What will this Arsenal-City game be like?

Very intense! Both teams wanting to put down a marker. Both playing a high-energy pressing game, trying to win the ball back off each other.

Pep knows what to expect from the former Sevilla boss and will make his plans accordingly, while  Gooners will want to see their new manager rattle Pep’s  cage.

Supporters of other clubs will think the same way: If the champions start losing games, they’re not so far ahead of us.

A year ago Arsenal’s first match was Leicester on a Friday night.

That opening weekend in August 2017 produced some results that clearly signaled the future:

Arsenal 4 Leicester 3

Watford 3 Liverpool 3

Brighton 0 Manchester City 2

Newcastle 0 Spurs 2

Man Utd 4 West Ham 0

Everton 1 Stoke 0

On tour in Singapore this week, Arsenal played some good football against Atletico Madrid and drew 1-1.

Mike McDonald’s report is very informative:

Arsenal V Atletico Madrid – Positives, needs and hopes after today’s match