Why Conte’s Chelsea will do the Double in his first season

The most professional team in the Premier League.

It was only 1-0 but Chelsea completely outplayed Man United.

I had a bet on them before I took Jan out last night.

When we got home at 11.15 I was too knackered to watch the whole recording.


Brian Clough was not Italian but Conte reminds me of Clough.

He had Shilton and Viv Anderson and Kenny Burns and Larry Lloyd and good habits and Forest won back-to-back European Cups.

He would have loved the way Chelsea play:  organised physicality with world class finishing.

Clough wouldn’t have just signed N’Golo Kante. He would have adopted him.

The FA Cup semi-finals are: 

Chelsea v Spurs / Man City v Arsenal.

Spurs can still score without Harry Kane but I don’t fancy them against Chelsea at Wembley.

Arsenal v City could go either way.

But neither team can defend as professionally as Chelsea. Shame that the season’s ended as early as March 14.

As wise old Kurt Vonnegut used to say, so it goes.