Why did Harry Kane & Jesse Lingard take another touch?

From Brendan:

Thanks for that excellent write-up of last night’s game.

You picked the exact word for what happened to England – “disintegrated”.

Also it was interesting that you focused on Croatia’s ability to improvise, invent. Not sure if we’d been reading the same things, but there was a piece The Guardian about Croatia and improvisation.


It looked like we had one idea last night: play it fast and get it to the fast Sterling and let him outpace their slow, tired oldies.

Watching with my lads and two old muckers, all of us were shocked that Kane, when he had ‘that’ chance, had to shift the ball to his other foot. Shoot with your left! And when Lingard had a good opening, rather than take a first-time shot, he takes a touch and by then, it’s too late. There was so much of that. Everything too static, not enough improvisation.

I can see why you think France will win the final. However, they could be more like the France of the first group game against Australia…when they were very, very lucky and looked disjointed.

Maybe they’re more together now but I don’t know if it will be as easy as all that for them. Remembering the wise words of the Nepalese taxi driver, pointing at his noggin:  ‘This is the most important thing in football.’

Myles says:

Thanks Brendan! I missed that piece.

So Croatia don’t teach improvisation. They trust and delegate. They expect each other to show initiative and make spontaneous decisions, rather than following rules like robots.

They make it up as they go along.

Wow! Will that ever catch on?

If the World Cup is handed to Luka Modric on Sunday, it might.