Why did it take Wenger so long to twig it?

From Ade:

Evening Myles,

It was never likely that West Ham would play Liverpool like they played Spurs.

0-4 and with Boro at Anfield to go, it’s safe to say Arsenal will finish 5th.

Paul Hayward’s assertion that the players have decided to raise their game towards the end of the season in order to save Wenger his job is surely wide of the mark.

That makes it sound like a reverse of the situation we saw with Chelsea playing like twats to get Mourinho the sack.

Sure, the team is cosseted and they would like Wenger to stick around.

But I think the reality is much simpler.

The team is functioning well again because Arsene finally woke up to the fact that playing four at the back wasn’t working.

Going to three centre halves plus two wing backs makes us stronger and suits the players’ strengths.

There’s more space in the middle for Xhaka to collect a pass and work it forward and for Ramsey to motor up and down.

Monreal, Ox and Bellerin get forward well and can each cross a ball properly, and Ozil and Sanchez can play their natural games.

The frustration is why it took him so long.

Myles says:

It took him so long because he doesn’t just manage and coach.

Wenger does 20 different jobs at the club. He has input into everything.

That’s why, for two years, I’ve been saying: Arsenal don’t need a polymath, they need a coach.

Conte does one job: he coaches the Chelsea first team.

With his staff, he analyses his squad, their performances, tries things in training, tightens up sloppy areas, works on problems as soon as they appear.

After losing to Arsenal, Conte went 3-4-3 and powered to the title.

Only Spurs have had comparable consistency. 

Chelsea can open up most teams and also stop most.

But they couldn’t stop Dele Alli scoring with two headers at the Lane.

Who else beats Chelsea 2-0?

Last night there was so much going on at Palmer Mansions, I forgot about MNF.

Our bubbly daughter came home before a mapping conference in Westminster.

By the time I remembered the Chelsea-Watford game  and switched it on, the score was 3-3 and 85 minutes had been played. 

The scoreline surprised me.

Then Cesc Fabregas scored the winner.

That didn’t surprise.