Why Euro 2016 was the tournament of Pepe

From Philip Brune :


It was the tournament of Pepe.

The only qualities that weren’t watered down were cynical negation and accumulated exhaustion- mental (see the two wild German hand balls) and physical.

If a team really cranked it up in one game, as France did against Germany, and Italy did against Spain, then the following game was a legless disaster.

In the first round nobody had to try, because of the bloated format.

In the knockout rounds this suited Portugal, who had Ronaldo’s reputation as a counterattack threat to help their defence not get too outnumbered, given how far back they always seemed to be sitting.

Also, agree with the reader who said Clattenberg bottled it… Eder manhandled Koscielny, who couldn’t manhandle back because he had been given a phantom yellow card.

Myles says:

Thanks, Philip.

Wish all ANR readers were as sharp & succinct as you.

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