Why Giroud’s scorpion goal was no fluke/Bournemouth a must-win

The cross by Alexis Sanchez was a bad one because it was so far behind him

But Olivier Giroud watched that ball onto his left heel.

And knew he could lift his left leg up high enough to re-direct it sharply at the Crystal Palace goal.

A striker who is five foot ten could not have reached that ball, and would have had to throw himself forward to lift his boot up that high.

The only other tall forwards who might have scored Giroud’s wonder-goal from that cross are Zlatan and Deli Alli.

Right now Arsenal are playing well enough to go to Bournemouth and win.

But at Everton they scored first and lost 2-1.

Then, in their next challenge at Manchester City, they scored first and lost 2-1 again.

My best friend, a Wenger fan, was at the Palace game.

He doubts whether Arsenal have the eleven-man commitment to finish in the Top 3.