Why Graham chucked his Arsenal season ticket long ago

From Graham Keat :

Hi Myles

Hope all good, nearly the end of another drawn-out season,.

Congratulations to Conte and Chelsea, class act that’s for sure.

Wenger should go for plenty of reasons.

But to not buy back Cesc?¬†That was just a tragedy wasn’t it?

I am so glad I chucked that Emirates season ticket after 2 years.

Enjoy the summer.

Myles says:

Fabregas talked back to Wenger.

Wenger: “You can’t leave now, I’m building my team round you! I’m signing new players.”

Fabregas: “Who? Give me names!”

If Cesc hadn’t had the balls to challenge Wenger first, Van Persie would never have dared to do the same.

I’m sure that Cesc Fabregas would be a great manager for Arsenal.

The colossal vanity of King Wenger is typical of monarchs.

Jurgen Klopp is much more humble and practical.

Klopp realises that Liverpool existed before he arrived.¬†So one of Klopp’s stated missions is to teach Steven Gerrard what he needs to know to become a legendary manager of Liverpool.

Kroenke & Wenger have deliberately removed real supporters like you, Graham.

That was their policy.