Why I don’t mind if Alexis Sanchez leaves now

Fom Mike Stump:

Hi Myles,

Hope all is well.

After originally wanting Sanchez to stay, I now have to break rank here and say if Sanchez is demanding £400,000 pw to sign a new contract then it’s time for him to go!

He’s 28 and has other clubs and the World Cup very much on his mind too. He needs a rest after Chile’s exploits in Russia and may not be back until September.

He may well be a warrior and winner but he also has the ability to upset the apple cart with tantrums and there’s no guarantee he’ll have a great season for us if he runs his contract down knowing he’ll then leave next summer.

He may even pick up an injury or two if he gets unlucky, wouldn’t that be just our luck eh!

Selling him to City or Chelsea for 50M would be difficult but good business. If we can sign a couple more top class players in addition to Lacazette then we’ll be minding our own business and won’t have to worry about City or Chelsea even with Sanchez in their sides.

Bottom line, Sanchez would only be worth 400,000 pw if he was two / three years younger but he’s not so maybe it’s time for him to leave, right now. Time to move on for Arsenal.

As always, wishing you all the best and must grab that beer in London with you at some stage when I visit good old London town.


Gooner Mike (originally from Romford).

Myles says:

He looked burned out in the Confederation Cup, that’s for sure.

Apart from the nicely improvised poacher’s goal he scored in the first game, poking it in with the outside of his left boot.

We never saw the real Sanchez again after he snatched that opportunist early goal.

He was a tired star who could not longer carry a defensive team that peaked two years ago.