Why I now look forward to watching Raheem Sterling and England

From Martin:

Afternoon Myles,

If asked me in recent times and over a long period what was one of the things find least enjoyable, the answer would have been : watching England play football!

Completely inferior to watching Premier League and Champions League football and basically dull and uninspiring.

Watched the u-17 World Cup Final and there was my first glimmer of hope, and the World Cup, though at times with a fair wind, stirred more interest, that has me now looking forward to watching England! Truly never thought I would say that.

There are still some areas of improvement and some players you feel could come in from that u-17 squad, but there is definitely a feeling you are watching one of the better Premier League teams. In other words they seem to know what they are doing, there is a style and a certain ambition of play, and with the attacking players, you always feel chances will be created.

Just shows what having a good mentor can do to a young person, as Sterling has obviously benefited from not just the football lessons, but from seeing how Guardiola conducts himself and his drive to be the best, and it’s all obviously rubbed off on Sterling who even at times you think he is a little quiet you feel he is patiently waiting the moment when the opposition feel some sense of comfort.

When that did happen, Sterling created an assist and scored when a defender just nodded off for a second.

England need to convince me more defensively and the Croatia game shows you need to keep the ball against the better opposition, as otherwise they will pass the legs off you, as Croatia did.

We have yet to see a true test, but I now have far more trust in the group that are being selected, and those in the pipeline, than I ever have.

So hope for the future on back of two very professional performances that have me now waiting for the next game instead of  moaning about the interlull!

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