Why I’m worried about Wenger/Gazidis/Josh Kroenke

Arsene Wenger has never won a European trophy.

He doesn’t know why. But we do.

Can he win the Europa?

Where the standard is far below the Champions League? Let’s wait and see on that question.

AC Milan is now Chinese-owned and when the club sacked coach Vincent Montella last year, they installed youth coach Gennaro Gattuso, a novice at this level.

I’m worried about Gazidis because it looks as if Arsenal could now become a German club. Joachim Low is still the favourite to take over.

Arsenal has been a French club playing in England and Europe for the whole of the 21st century. But change has started. There are cracks in the King Arsene’s ancien regime. And becoming more like a German club would be a good idea.

Yes, Brendan Rodgers would make the Arsenal squad more like the highly competitive Spurs squad – and that would be a good thing.

But, like most of you, I wouldn’t like to see Rodgers anywhere near Arsenal.

Josh Kroenke opened this mouth for the first time the other day.

It was what I feared: the waffle of a clueless rich kid who doesn’t understand how football clubs work or how teams work.

Shut up, Josh. Don’t say anything in public again. Just tell your dad to sell the club and have two seats in the directors box written into the deal, so you can drop in and see a good match whenever you’re in Europe.

If football really is a game of sequences, Arsenal could be in trouble in the San Siro tonight.

They’e lost their last four games. The squad is mediocre, morale is rock bottom, and Wenger’s lost the dressing room.

Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan have arrived on far bigger wages than anybody else, so the players are pissed off. One of Wenger’s most reliable warriors, Koscielny, was in tears last week.