Why Ivan Gazidis has remained at Arsenal

From sweetscience N5

Hi Myles,

Hope you are well?

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I offer a brief explanation as to why Ivan Gazidis remains at Arsenal.

He is a realist. He knows that whilst Stan Kroenke favours Arsene Wenger, we will not have a new manager. Even if the rest of the board feel as frustrated as the fans, or so it is rumoured.

Ivan has had a small victory, bringing in Huss Fahmy for contracts and Darren Burgess to run the fitness team. Next season Per Mertesacker will look after youth development.

This is as much as Ivan can do whilst Wenger is boss. He is playing a long term game.

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Myles says:

A couple of years ago I thought Gazidis was playing a long game.

That’s when I said he couldn’t call himself a CEO until he had appointed a new manager.

Most Gooners realise the club needs regime change and that has been tried this year. There were two takeover bids that you don’t know about – and further efforts will be made.

Stan Kroenke disgusts a lot of people. But Wenger’s protected him up till now.

However, fifth is not a trophy and fourth will be harder to achieve than it’s ever been.

Toxic match days may soon become the norm.

PS. Last night my friend Pat Driscoll turned me onto this unusual and exciting political play