Why Koscielny-Mustafi-Monreal is such a solid trio

I’m coming round to a view about the solidity of this season’s Arsenal.

Their solidity could never come from the midfielders in Wenger’s squad.

None of them are world class. And never will be.

So it’s come mainly from possession, from sweet passing rhythms,from the team’s ever-evolving ensemble habits.

But also: Mustafi has bedded in, Koscielny is still a reliably athletic warrior, and Monreal is a steady left-footed pro who can get away with some crucial fouls that are nicely disguised.The Spaniard is a rugged and cunning competitor.

Arsenal v Huddersfield will definitely be interesting tonight.

Because Arsenal will dominate possession and the visitors will expect that and be fine with that.

Huddersfield will play a compact 4-4-2 and try to tempt Arsenal to hit crosses into the box. But, instead of doing that, Arsenal will just pass it to feet and try a few one-twos and flicks.


Leicester 2 Tottenham 1

Jamie Vardy scored a fantastic goal for Leicester against Spurs. And Riyad Mahrez slalomed into a shooting position and made it 2-0 with a scorcher.

With Claude Puel making useful tweaks ,maybe Mahrez won’t come to Arsenal in January, as I suggested. I’m sure Claude rates Riyad and Riyad probably likes Claude too.

Vardy’s goal was a preposterous running volley from Albrighton’s ball forward into the box. Another spectacular goal from the Extraterrestrial Ferret, as I call him Robbie Keane himself couldn’t have hit that ball any more sweetly.

You can guess who got a goal back in 79 minutes: Harry Kane, of course

Very good 4-2 away win by Manchester United at Watford.

Ashley Young is on fire right now and his thrilling goals will have been noted by England manager Gareth Southgate. Gareth needs a few versatile, proven players who can cover injuries and switch positions during a difficult match.

Ther World Cup draw takes place in the Kremlin on Friday and Sky’s Bryan Swanson was reporting from Red Square this morning.

“I’ve been there,” said Jan.

“How big is Red Square?”

“It’s massive,Myles. It’s one of those jaw-dropping moments.”