Why Man Utd should never be happy with finishing fourth and…

From Subhrajit Ghadei :

Statement by Paul Scholes: “The last thing I want for Manchester United is to be happy with finishing fourth and winning the FA Cup. That’s what Arsenal do.”

A slap on the face, although 100% deserved.

Myles says:

Thanks, mate!

I’d have missed that classic putdown if you hadn’t passed it on.

Tomorrow I’ll be attempting to reconnect with my London life.

Mr & Mrs Palmer have been in Bruges celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary last Saturday.

Since I haven’t been here for 4 days, I’m somewhat out of touch with what’s been happening in the whacky world of football.

This was our first City Break using Eurostar and when we got back to St Pancras this afternoon we  stepped off the train and saw John Prescott stride past us, apparently about to get on it. He had big bags under his eyes.

With any luck I’ll make my  pilates class on Tuesday morning.

Since 1998 I’ve written or edited 7,000 pieces on ANR.

This week I feel refreshed and ready to do some more.