Why Spurs are exactly where Arsenal were in 2006

From Michael Budgen:

Mauricio Pochettino has to focus on top four because his squad has been decimated by injuries.

I’ve been waiting for the Myles P excuse-generating machine for Spurs to crank into action!!

Dumped out of both cups in the space of 3 days, convincingly outplayed over two legs by Chelsea, with only 2 shots on target, one of which was a penalty, over the 2 games of football, and by a Palace side 3 points of relegation that changed 7 players , and had 4 of the back 5 totalling 6 EPL starts this year, including the 3rd choice keeper !

But I guess this doesn’t fit your narrative.

Spurs have 4 injuries Myles. That is not an injury crisis, by any means. Arsenal had 6, don’t recall that being used as an excuse.

Very simply, as Poch has said, the Top 4 is a trophy, and the game against Dortmund is their 2-legged Cup final. It’s funny though, if Wenger did that, you’d accuse him of ‘chucking the cup’ so what’s different ?

The danger now of course is with United galloping around without the yoke of Mourinho holding them down, and Chelsea with the possibility of Higuaín actually doing some goals, the financial implications for Spurs not getting into the CL could be catastrophic, considering the harm it is doing to ours.

The obvious comparison is of course they are exactly where we were in 2006, with a team that could win the league, but a squad that can’t.

But will Pochettino be able to manage expectations and sacrifice his own ambitions as much as Wenger did ?

Myles says:

Nobody has ever managed expect expectations as astutely as Wenger did. Indeed, Uefa used Wenger, a natural teacher, to teach other clubs how to do it. He was their Visiting Professor of Media Massage.

One thing he emphasised to club press officers and managers was: keep repeating your messages, your mission statements.
Not many people outside UEFA know about this.

My narrative?

I just like football and good players.
I’m not tribal, I write about what I enjoy and hate.

Of courses I have themes and hobby horses. Who doesn’t?

As a Gooner you must have been delighted when Watford scored at Wembley last night and led for 42 minutes.

But then Son levelled it in 80 and Llorente scored the winner in 87.

Spurs won 2-1 on a night when Chelsea were stuffed 4-0 at Bournemouth and leaders Liverpool were held to a 1-1 at Anfield by Leicester City.

Even if Spurs had lost 2-1 to Watford, I’d still say that Pochettino is a fantastic manager.

And I DON’T think he’ll go to Manchester United.