CORRECTED : Why superfast 18-year old Eddie Nketiah could be the real deal

From Sweet Science:

Hi Myles,

Loving this unseasonably warm autumn.

Eddie Nketiah was let go by Chelsea because they thought him too small to make it as a professional.

I still think a Premier League title-winning team needs physically strong players in the middle of the park and at centre back, and since Vieira left Arsenal we have been hampered by a lack of quality strong midfielders.

But a smaller winger or striker can flourish if he also has a turn of pace, a quick brain and agility.

Seeing Nketiah in action at the stadium, he has something I have not seen since a young Anelka, Henry or teenage Walcott.

He has turbo boost.

He was sprinting very fast on the East side of the pitch, in front of where I sat, for a chance which might have been a hat-trick.
He then increased his speed after about 30 metres of sprinting…the extra gear which Usain Bolt had in his prime.

Arsenal took a chance on him at 14. No age to write someone off.

Myles says:

But does Wenger have the balls to try Nketiah with Sanchez?

Fast players allow teammates more space.

Wenger believes that the best athletes come from the gene pool that was dispersed round the world  via the slave trade in West Africa.

The American Bob Beamon made athletics history in 1968 when he almost jumped out of the pit in the Olympics at altitude,breaking the world record by 21 inches

I remember British jumper Lynn Davies accusing Beamon of destroying the sport in a single jump.

Bob Beamon came from New York City.

What part of New York City?


What part of Brooklyn? Jamaica.

Sweet ScienceN5  adds: 

Hope this is not seen as pedantic, but Jamaica is in Queens, not Brooklyn.
From what I know of New Yorkers, they strongly identify with their boroughs.
There is a mid-80’s LL Cool J track called “The Bristol Hotel” about the brothel of the same name where the chorus includes a chant “The Bristol Hotel, Room 515, The Bristol Hotel…where that at? Jamaica, Queens!”