Why UEFA and TV want 4 teams from England, Spain and Germany

From Michael Budgen:

Morning Myles,

Only a halfwit would read the article below,


and say…

‘So his parting shot to a league which made him very rich is ‘You must be downgraded to midweek because nobody wants to watch you’. He has reduced the whole culture of English football to money for billionaires.’

So well done Rhys !!

The European big boys are envious of the EPL TV deal, the CL deal is currently in negotiation, how that pans out will determine how quickly this possibility will play out. If you don’t think so, why have the top 3 leagues been granted 4 group stage places from this year ?

Because TV wants 4 teams from England, Germany & Spain. They want TV markets, not football teams !

In case you haven’t noticed Rhys, Football is no longer about Sat football anymore, it’s not even Sat / Sun football, it’s about TV scheduling when it suits them, fcuk the fans, well, the ones that go anyway!

Arsene was neither supportive or against the idea, he’s just telling you what will happen. I think he should have been more critical of it. The real question is will the English Clubs resist it?

And gamble that the EPL ‘brand’ will remain stronger than a CL without them brand, or will the 6 doesn’t go into 4 system make them all jump ship anyway ?

And what loyalty do the owners of those 6 clubs have to England anyway ?



Tax Exile




So please feel free to rail at UEFA, the EPL, the owners and the TV companies. But don’t shoot the messenger because you hate him.



PS. Arsenal haven’t had the most expensive seats for 3 years now.