Why Wenger is Arsenal’s worst signing of the year

From Kelvin Au:

Ramsey’s reply sums up what Arsenal are about


If this article is really true, and this is what Ramsey really said – we’re screwed.

How can coming back from 0-3 against Bournemouth, be sending any kind of message – other than you’re powderpuff! – to our rivals?

This was a game we should have dominated, and won by 2 goals.

I’ve said this many times:

Player for player – Arsenal have no excuse to fail, or not mount strong challenges for the title. I’m not even talking about winning it – I’m saying being REAL genuine title contenders.

You can have world class musicians, but the orchestra will always play badly when you have a bad conductor.

1) Wenger is tactically naive, and has not mixed it up since 2003/04. One dimensional, predictable. When it works, on his day, it’s fab. Otherwise, 2 banks of 4 and slowing Arsenal down to either side of your penalty box will do the trick.

2) We don’t have enough leaders on the pitch. Sanchez and Kos can’t do it on their own. Xhaka, for all his apparent charisma, will dominate the likes of WBA and Hull City, but will struggle with any team above mid -table. Xhaka is not top Premier League material. (Include Perez).

Year after year after year after year…..
Same old same old.

Sanchez MUST leave. For the sake of football – we need to see another Messi or Ronaldo beyond those 2.

Sanchez has the desire and makings to be one – but he is slowly wasting away at Arsenal and he knows it. He knows it. If we don’t win anything this season, he is out, that’s why he is stalling on the contract.

The worst signing of the season was Wenger for another 2 seasons.

Myles says :

If you’re right, Arsenal need four more easy draws in the FA Cup.

But that may not satisfy this great little warrior, since he knows the FA Cup is only six matches, often against smaller clubs.

He’s only five foot seven and a half but his efforts have been Herculean.

He worked his socks off last year but saw Leicester win the league.